GRACIOUS STUDIO is a vision of a service offering made-to-measure solutions for garment design and fit customization, enabled by body scanning technology and empathetic design thinking.

“The Gracious Studio customer is an individual who does not feel represented or catered to by the mainstream fashion retail market. A body scan turns individuals into digital shells of data. This will allow the disregarding of sizing and gender categories as all that is needed for creating bespoke garments are measurements.
The objectification process will become an empowering tool for creating an inclusive fashion system that will speak to various age groups, body types, ethnicities and gender identities.

They want to avoid binary differentiation of ‘womenswear’ and ‘menswear’, or pressure caused by shop assistants and other customers. They do not want to be categorized by inconsistent sizing systems, nor confronted with unachievable body ideals.

They have unique preferences and needs that are not met and want to play an active part in negotiating societal pressures posed upon them.”

- Hannah Cooper in The Ethics of body Scanning - How Gracious Studio aims at turning the gaze